The Environment

Ah yes, one of the shiniest objects of all time is the environment.

With the Liberal view point every living thing on Mother Earth is equal and important in every way. No doubt a nitrogen/oxygen rich rock orbiting a star at just the right distance so that temperatures are neither too hot nor too cold for life is a neat thing but without mankind the earth is hardly more than a curiosity.

The Conservative view is that the environment is invincible, able to withstand anything mankind has to offer.  One trip to Love Canal or Chernobyl should squash that thought process.

Winter BlunderMy viewpoint on this is like that of most shiny objects, that neither side is right.  In fact both Liberal and Conservative views on the environment are more fiction than fact.  I must make one thing perfectly clear here – mankind with all of its destructive ways and powerful technology is incapable of destroying the planet.  It simply is not possible.

We could set off every explosive on the planet both nuclear and conventional at one time and it would not destroy the earth.  It would not destroy life on earth.  It would certainly make the earth unsuitable for human life and yes we would take a few hundred species with us but the planet will still be here teeming with life and doing just fine.

Granted mankind is by far the most impressive and important lifeform on the planet but at the same time let’s not get cocky.  We’re still little more than really smart monkeys.  We cannot destroy the planet but we can make it highly unlivable for ourselves.  Of the two views the Left is the most egregious.  While the Conservative approach is foolish often born of greed, the other guys are just as greedy but add the specter of deceit to their resume.

Statements like, “Mankind is destroying the earth,” and those like it are the main reason environmentalists should never, ever be taken seriously.  They exaggerate everything so much that they simply are not trustworthy.  Remember the “Save the Amazon Rainforest” movement?  It’s important right, the Amazon – guess what?  It is also one of the largest storehouses of carbon on the planet.

Take for instance the crusade to rid the world of fast food containers made of polystyrene (Styrofoam).  McDonald’s, Burger King and the like were strong-armed into replacing polystyrene boxes and cups with paper ones.  That’s because polystyrene contained chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which destroy the Ozone.  The movement culminated in 1989, the only problem – polystyrene containing CFCs hadn’t been made since 1987.  As it turns out polystyrene is far better for the environment than paper-based packaging.

Here are the facts – paper can only be recycled 17 times meaning you are eventually going to have to cut down more trees (wax covered paper like milk cartons and drink cups cannot be recycled at all), polystyrene is infinitely recyclable.  The manufacturing of paper is a very dirty process, recycling it is even dirtier pumping tons of toxins into the atmosphere.  Recycling polystyrene is extremely clean producing zero Green House gases.  So, thanks to the efforts of groups like Green Peace there are fewer trees and more carbon.

Crap like that is why I say the greatest threat to our environment is environmentalism.  Either they turn the masses off with their constant lying or they turn them off with their approach.

“I’m just sayin’, if I see one more picture of Ed Begley, Jr. in that stupid electric car, I’m gonna shoot myself! I mean, don’t get me wrong…I’m not against environmental issues per se…it’s just that guy!” Carl

Don’t try to shame me or scare me into using alternative fuels, make them cheaper.  Note I did not say raise the price of fossil fuels, I said make alternative fuels cheaper.  If your way of bringing the cost of alternative fuels more inline with fossil fuels is to raise the price of gas then your argument is moot, your cause unjust.  Plus, it makes me angry and that doesn’t bode well for you.

Growing up in the 1970’s I was taught, in school no less, that mankind’s habits were pushing us into another Ice Age.  In the 1990’s I learned that those same habits were actually causing a planetary heat wave.  Woops!  Sorry about that whole Ice Age thing we meant to say Global Warming.  Somebody forgot to carry a one or something.  It happens.

Then just a few years ago e-mails were leaked by leading climate experts at the University of East Anglia which is the home of the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) the premiere climate think tank in the world.  Those e-mails, if true, exposed those top climate scientists as frauds.  The Left mobilized.

There response was, “Those e-mails were faked.”  Asked for even the slightest bit of evidence that the e-mails were fake the only response was, “You just know they are.”  That’s not a defense, people.  That’s the mutterings of a mindless sheep that until five seconds ago thought it was a cow.

For the religious zealots of environmentalism (yes it IS a religion) just the suggestion of an excuse was enough to make it a bona fide fact.  George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the ghost of Ronald Reagan broke into the CRU, typed up and sent all of those e-mails themselves.  Old Dutch clearly used his otherworldly connections to manipulate the timestamps to make it look like they were actually sent by “scientists” like CRU director Phil Jones.

Then in February of 2010 the unthinkable happened.  None other than Professor Phil Jones himself admitted that the CRU had, in fact, been manipulating data to cover up that the planet’s mean temperature has not risen since 1995.  Global warming was not theorized to have even begun until 1993 so that means it lasted two years, give or take.  The whole affair is now known as Climategate.

Just a few months ago another batch of 5000 e-mails was leaked in what has been termed Climategate 2.0.  In the new revelations we find that the folks of CRU have not been concerting their efforts into clearing their names and backing up their research but rather lobbying various governments to prosecute the people who blew the whistle.  There are even e-mails from Jones saying that the data “has to be well hidden. I’ve discussed this with the main funder (U.S. Dept of Energy) in the past and they are happy about not releasing the original station data.”

I’m sorry but when the top scientist in the field admits that the scientific data was false the creditability of your entire movement is toast.

Conservation Rocks, Environmentalism SucksLet’s play a game a moment.  Let’s pretend that Global Warming did exist, that all of the data was exactly right.  There still was not any proof whatsoever that mankind had any effect on it.  Not. A. Scrap. Of. Evidence.  Since the beginning of the whole Global Warming ruse it was just assumed that if the planet’s mean temperature was rising it clearly was man’s fault.

Why you may ask?  Money.  The “good people” in charge of most of these major environmental groups make a lot of money and do very little to earn it.  They use fear-mongering and dishonesty to pry charitable contributions from a trusting and generous American public.  What little actual work they do to clean the planet is done only for public relations and then by unpaid volunteers.  No organizations have generated more revenue and produced fewer results than environmental groups.  The entire Green Movement is nothing more than modern-day snake oil.

You know how you can tell an environmentalist is lying about their beliefs?  They’re alive.  If they truly believed mankind was the scourge of the planet they would take their own lives, you know, to do their part.  Since they are alive they don’t really believe what they are preaching.  That’s because Environmentalists only really love themselves.  They think the world should be a better place for them and that you and I should make that happen.

Conservation on the other hand is the responsible use of the planet’s resources, taking no more than you need and finding the best way to use them.  Conservation is good for the human race because it keeps the planet at optimal conditions for our continued existence.  And that’s the only thing that is important, our continued existence.

Those who do the most for the environment are not environmentalists.  They are game hunters and sport fisherman and stream reclaimators (new word) and general outdoorsmen.  People who love what nature has to offer and want to continue to enjoy it so they do their part to keep it clean.  Conservationists love the environment. Environmentalists love money.

Environmentalists like CRU information policy and compliance manager David Palmer are the problem.  Palmer said he would gladly satisfy Freedom of Information requests on Climategate but only if he were paid £10 ($16, ‘Merican) for each request.  That’s just the tip of the ice berg of the soulless world of Green Industry.  Take for instance the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, a group devoted to studying the effects of the floating trash known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch.”

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is real.  It is a section of the Pacific between Japan, Australia and the US which is twice the area of Texas and is saturated with human waste – light bulbs, popsicle sticks and plastic of all kinds.  The Algalita Marine Research Foundation is one of hundreds of organizations that collect tax-free contributions and/or government grants to conduct research on the ecological effects the Patch has on sea life.  So why do scientific study rather than simply cleaning up the trash?  Because there is no profit in fixing the problem, only in whining about it.

These days there are as many examples of Green Movement fraud as there are trees in the rainforest – Solyndra, Mantria Corporation, Beacon PowerEner1, et al. . .  Gore.

Since scientists have admitted they were wrong about an Ice Age and then admitted they were wrong about Global Warming now they have a new money maker – Climate Change.  Only this one is feasible.  Climate Change is real, very real.  It involves wild fluctuations in temperature which then cause a domino effect with every other weather pattern.  There is no doubt that Climate Change is happening right now on planet earth.  As a matter of fact it’s been going on for quite a while, roughly 4 billion years.  And mankind has had zero effect on it.

Your two cents. . .

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