Gay Marriage

As I stated on the Shiny Objects landing page, I don’t have a problem with gay marriage at all.  I can see no reason that any person, regardless of their belief system, can condone a government that can tell you who you can or cannot love.  I can think of no more immoral action for a society to take, legislating love.

rings of deathNow this isn’t to say that I am all on the rainbow express either.  I am not gay.  I know this because seeing two guys swapping spit is a major turn off for me.  Some people claim that they did not know for years that they were gay but I find this impossible to believe.  It’s easy enough to know if you are a gay man.  If you look at another man and get an erection the issue is settled; you’re gay.

This next statement is going to sound extremely insensitive to some people so I implore you, before you start flexing your self-righteousness read the whole paragraph.  I believe that homosexuality is a perversion of nature.  Calm down, I have a very narrow definition.  I believe that any sexual contact that is not specifically for the purpose of procreation is a perversion of nature.  Kissing, holding hands, all of it whether hetero or homosexual.  That’s because to nature, the only reason for sex is procreation.

I enjoy several forms of sexual contact, call me a pervert I don’t care.  I don’t think being a pervert is anything at all rare, immoral and certainly nothing to be ashamed of.  Sexual deviance is another story.  Dudes who like kids or hamsters or tennis shoes are just sick but as long as the act is only between consenting adults then it is no one’s concern but the aforementioned consenting adults.

As far as the institution called marriage, I have absolutely no respect for it.  I think the modern notion of marriage is asinine.  Exhibit A:  Most every marriage vow contains some form of the phrase “til death do us part” and yet about a quarter million marriages end in divorce each year.  Do you know what that means?  It means most Americans don’t have any more respect for marriage than I do.

till death do us part tattooAnd why should they?  That whole soul mate “til death do us part” scenario is not what marriage is about.  Never was.

I need to point something out here.  Marriage is strictly a Judea-Christian incarnation and every culture that practices it today adopted it from the ancient Israelites.  So those of you of the agnostic or atheist persuasion guess what, by getting married you are choosing to take part in a religious ritual.  No getting around that one.

Many Christians believe that marriage is a sacred and holy accord with God.  That is the crux of their belief that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.  I have a message for my fellow followers of Christ, “Please stop creating God in your image.”

If you believe that God only intended one of each gender in a marriage fine, that’s your belief and I support you right to have it but don’t force your beliefs on other people.  That is fascism not Christianity.  You forcing your morals on others is about as immoral an act as mankind is capable of and it is most certainly sinful.

Please remember that marriage was originally a business agreement meant to only last as long as it was profitable for both families.  Love was not a major consideration.  That’s Biblical marriage.

Lifetime Network’s idealized love-everlasting is a fairly new thing in the cannon of human history.  In fact, Christopher Columbus’ famous voyage was 57 years before the first wedding vow that included the phrase “til death do us part.”  It first appeared in the ‘Book of Common Prayer,’ which was published in 1549.

marriage license tax on loveSo now you know where I stand on marriage in general, back to gay marriage.  No government should ever make a law forbidding two consenting adults from marrying one another because no government should have any law regarding marriage at all.  No certificate of matrimony, no divorce court, no child custody battles.  No laws restricting gender and for that matter numbers.  Government has absolutely no business in anyone’s marriage.  A marriage license is nothing more than a tax on love.

Your two cents. . .

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