Re-elect No One

The last two national elections have shown that more and more the American people are tired of politicians.  We are waking up.  In 2008, what the DNC tried to say was a fundamental shift of philosophy to Liberal ideals was nothing of the sort.  It was a case of anti-incumbency.  The same can be said for the Republican revolution of 2010.  America was not suddenly Conservative.  In both cases, Americans wanted to get rid of business as usual.

When President Barrak Obama was running for the White House he did not run as a Liberal Democrat but rather as a moderate.  He promised an end to business as usual and closed door deals that benefit no one but the DC aristocracy.  He lied.  Not only has Obama been just as deceitful as Bush and Clinton before him, he’s actually been more dishonest than his predecessors.

Re-elect No OneAmericans are smart enough to see this.  The wave of anti-incumbency will continue to grow as long old school politicians continue to ignore the will of the people and circumvent the Constitution.  That is why a revolution is needed.  Not a bloody revolution, mind you, but a non-violent electoral revolution.  The American people still have the power to effect wholesale changes on the way they are governed without violence.  It is called voting.

If you do not like the direction the country is headed, then get rid of everyone in charge.  We have it within in our power to institute term limits without passing any new laws.  Vote.  The Constitution laid the foundation for an unrepresented amount of personal freedom in exchange for very little from the people.  However, there are three duties that all Americans must fulfill when called upon – defend the nation in times of war, serve on a jury and vote.

I will not encourage anyone to vote for any party.  Some people will always vote Democrat or Republican or Libertarian or Green Party regardless of the issues.  However, I implore you whenever you vote, re-elect no one.