#Occupy This

I know there are good people who are members of the #Occupy movement.  I know that they have legitimate grievances, many of which I agree with.  Unfortunately they are in an extreme minority.  I’d say they make up no more than 1% of the #Occupy crowd.  The other 99% are a bunch of thugs and vagabonds.

Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.  Buck Murdock

Free SpeechI support the #Occupy folks who are upset with the Wall Street bail outs.  I am too.  But remember, it takes two to tango.  Wall Street asked for the money, DC gave it to them.  The get-away driver is just as guilty of bank robbery as the guy holding the gun.  Go #Occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I support the #Occupy folks who are upset with the rising cost of college tuition especially in light of the low returns a degree brings.  It simply is not a good investment.  I also support the #Occupy folks who are upset with outrageous salaries and compensation packages.  The outrageous salaries and compensation packages of college professors is disturbing and also the number one cause of the rising cost of college tuition.  Go #Occupy the teachers’ lounge.

I support the Occupy folks who are upset with the sordid and unethical business-as-usual approach our elected officials take to commandeering and then spending our hard earned money.  I resent that they make laws that govern me simply because someone with deep pockets pays them to.  I am as tired as the OWS crowd about them passing laws that tell people that they cannot marry whom they want, smoke what they want or in anyway infringe on liberty.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else then there should not be a law against it.  Go #Occupy Capital Hill.

I support the #Occupy folks who are upset with discrimination.  The color of a person’s skin, their religious beliefs, their ethnic background, geographic ancestry, political affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or who one considers the coolest Ninja Turtle (Michelangelo) should not prevent them from getting a job or lease an apartment.  It also should not be a reason why they are selected for a job or get that coveted loft in the East Village.  Discrimination is always bad.  Go #Occupy the Rainbow Coalition, NOW, KKK, NAACP, DNC (oops I already mentioned the KKK), MSNBC, US Department of Labor or HUD.

Occupy ViolenceI do not support any of the #Occupy folks who have at any time participated in any act injurious to anyone.  Once you rape, stab, steal from, vandalize or otherwise deface someone else or their property you have lost your argument. I don’t care what your grievances may be you are wrong.  You are a criminal and should be handled accordingly.  Nothing you have to say is worth hearing.

Protesting perceived wrongs is a Constitutional right.  It doesn’t matter whether I agree with your view or not I still support your right to express your beliefs.  However, there is never a reason to riot.  I abhor violence but there is one way to handle rioting – bullets.  Inhumane?  Nope.  Anyone who riots has, of their own decision, divorced themselves from the human race.  A riotous act is a rejection of ones humanity and an adoption of the laws of the animal kingdom.  As sad as it is, sometimes you have to shoot Old Yeller.

I do have an issue with #Occupy math.  At no time in US history has 1% of the population controlled 90% percent of the wealth.  It is a figure of speech not an actual statistic.  The top 1% generate 40% of the wealth but they control none of it.  The federal government controls 100% of US wealth.

Ugh, that’ll never do. Stewie Griffin

Economically about 8% of Americans are wealthy (worth at least a million bucks) and about 15% would qualify as poor.  That leaves 77% making up the middle class.  Half of all income tax dollars are paid by the top 5% of wage earners.  The bottom 15% of wage earners do not pay any income taxes.  Now who isn’t paying their fair share?  Incidentally the bottom 15% have a higher quality of life than the 15% just above them who do pay taxes.  Perhaps you should try #Occupying a math class.

Not only is the 1% vs. the 99% mathematically incorrect it also is yet another attempt by people to pigeon hole everyone into one of two groups – Liberals or Conservatives.  As I have already explained, the two-party thought process is the root of all of America’s evils.  If you are not a Democrat you must be a Republican or vice versa.  In actuality more people are Independents than either.  There is no 1%.  There is no 99%.  That is pure fiction.  Anyone who says differently is lying, stupid or some mixture of the two.  There is an 8%, a 15% and a 77% and within the 77% there are any number of sub-groups. In the US the percentage of rich is higher than any other country, the percentage of poor is the lowest in the world and most countries don’t even have a middle class.

yellingI have a suggestion for all of the good #Occupy folks, the ones making intelligent arguments and civil protestations for legitimate grievances.  Extract yourselves from Wall Street – leave the predatory lenders and social justice parasites to deal with each other.  Go grab a slice of pizza or a cup of Joe and maybe open a dialog with someone from the Tea Party.  If you both stop yelling and start listening you might find that you have a whole lot in common.

Your two cents. . .

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